Cv Template – قالب كتابة السيرة الذاتية ( HTML,CSS)


CV template

  • A template for writing your CV in Arabic and English
  • Responding to all screens (laptop computer tablets)
  • Features a wonderful and elegant design
  • The code is clean and error-free
  • License for use: free of charge


Latest version of Firefox

The latest version of Chrome

The latest version of Explorer Explorer

The latest version of Opera

Firefox 3.6.8

Google Chrome 5.0.375

Safari 5.0.1

W3C standards for HTML

W3C standards for XHTML

Compatible with smart phone browsers



2 تعليقات
  1. Ayman Rabea يقول

    Ayman Rabea Abdelazeim Rezk

  2. Hussein abd يقول

    I want c.v as bisnsman

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